Hertfordshire County Council - Integrated Plan Engagement Survey 2019

Hertfordshire County Council has begun its yearly process to set its budget for next year and beyond.


As ever, HCC is very keen to hear the views of its partners within the Voluntary and Community Sector on what our spending priorities should be during this period.


HCC encourages you to follow this link to complete the short survey, or alternatively you can email comments directly to [email protected]. When filling out the survey, please do so on behalf of the interests of your organisation in the comments section.


As with all county councils, we continue to face significant financial constraints. Since 2010 we have made savings of almost £334 million from our annual budget and when we started our planning for future years budgets back in the Spring, we identified a need to make further savings of £90 million per annum by 2023.


In order to tackle these issues, HCC knows we must continue to find innovative ways to improve and to reduce its costs, whilst maintaining a keen focus on its primary purpose - delivering high quality services that enhance the lives of its residents.


Herts CC Survey Lik 

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