Watford's charities are getting ready for Hertfordshire 2020 Year of Culture

What you will see in 2020

  • A collaborative, high profile promotional campaign for existing cultural activity across Hertfordshire
  • 12 themed months, with core activity co-ordinated by a lead agency
  • Key dates to draw together delivery partners countywide
  • ‘Special Experiences’ added to both current opportunities and new activities
  • New partnerships and skill sharing between organisations and practitioners, creating new activity locally.


Useful toolkits for charities coming soon! 

An innovative set of creative and fun activities and workshops that can be completed in the comfort of your own home, in hospital or care centres and homes. Including information and advice around capturing the impact of your activities. HYOC wants to promote your services and activities as much as possible. Highlight your activities under the themes listed below.

Creating partnerships 

Take advantage of the Creative Directory by searching for local projects, artists, poets and many more who are ready and willing to support your activities!

Monthly Themes

The year is split into 12 themed months.  This does not mean that we won't promote cultural activities that don't link with that month - your activity can take place any time in the year.  The months exist to provide the year with some structure and allow us to focus our marketing activities.

They also help with the evaluation process.

   January - Try Something New

   February - Skills Development and Volunteering

   March - Access the Arts Go

   April - Go Somewhere Local

   May - The Big Outdoors

   June - Big Ideas

   July - Cultural Olympiad

   August - Families and Friends

   September - Heritage and History / Meet the Maker

   October - Be Inspired / Get Back Into

   November - Creative Minds and Creative Industries

   December - Celebrate and Illuminate


Venues and spaces to run your activities

Creative Hertfordshire has a useful list of spaces and venues ready to help you host your activities. Click here to browse local venues.

You can contact the Project Co-ordinator Liz Gore on 020 8207 7801 or by email at [email protected] to find out more.

Or contact Emily for ideas around how you can use this opportunity to promote your existing services [email protected].

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