Watford & Three Rivers Trust and A Slice of Happiness

For some time, Bob Jones (CEO of Watford & Three Rivers Trust) and Caroline Powell (founder of A Slice of Happiness) have been exploring how W3RT can best support the programme of work that Caroline has developed in Watford. We are now pleased to announce that from today, ASOH will operate as a programme of W3RT. Caroline will continue to lead and deliver the programme as a W3RT volunteer. We look forward to a long and productive relationship. 
What is A Slice of Happiness?
Many people have difficult emotions generated from past painful incidents. These memories can stop people moving forward with their lives and can lock people into repeat cycles of self-destructive behaviour, trapping people in destructive cycles. ASOH helps people escape from poor lifestyles by supporting them to make informed and positive choices about their future behaviour.
ASOH works with people who need disproportionately high levels of support from statutory services to help them manage their challenges and cope with their exclusion, poverty and isolation: those with the least control over their lives, the fewest financial assets, connections and options. People are invited to join a thirty-hour programme of guided group work delivered over 7-10 weeks. Each session is hosted by at least three trained facilitators from ASOH or from Beyond Recovery (a Community Interest Company that operates a similar programme within HMP Nottingham and HMP Onley). 
Why W3RT?
ASOH fits very well within W3RT’s aim to promote, support and deliver activities that strengthen the local community and works toward W3RT’s vision of a community in which people are connected, informed and take responsibility for the wellbeing of themselves and others.
Like Caroline, W3RT believes that everyone has the capacity to change and create a more positive future for themselves. There is no similar service available, and we believe that the programme can benefit a wide range of people.
Caroline has shown herself capable of funding the programme and this will continue. ASOH will sit alongside W3RT’s other programmes including those for social prescribing and wellbeing.
W3RT will help ASOH establish positive relationships with key local providers such as YMCA, New Hope and GROW.
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