Will your organisation commit to pay the real Living Wage?

W3RT is one of only three Hertfordshire charities that have committed to pay salaries at the "real living wage" rate agreed by the Living Wage Foundation. The campaign for a "real living wage" was started in 2001 by Citizens UK who believed that "a fair day's work deserves a fair day's pay". Today, the campaign has cross party political support and is a movement of independent businesses, trade unions, voluntary organisations and individuals. All support the campaign to ensure that everyone can earn a real Living Wage that meets real living costs.

Alongside W3RT, the other charities in Hertfordshire supporting this important campaign are Carers in Herts and Mind in Mid Herts.

Things are difficult for charities as well as individuals, but W3RT has made this commitment because we believe our staff do an excellent job and deserve proper payment. Could your charity (or business!) make the commitment too? For more information, visit: the Living Wage Foundation

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