It's wet in the woods, can you help The Good Wood Gang get unstuck?

Hello! Have you heard of the Good Wood Gang? No, well they’re on a mission to create the UK’s first-ever open-air storytelling park in Goodwood Rec, right here in Watford!
A super exciting story trail will give everyone the chance to meet the sparky Good Wood Gang and learn about their home. Visitors will learn about Russell House where a Maharaja once lived, and the fantastic old aerodrome, now home to even more magical goings on! Not to mention you will get to meet Boopi, Pecan the Squirrel, Feddie the Fox, Grubles McTroubles the Pine Marten, and all the other wonderful members of the Good Wood Gang.
But we need your help to bring it to life! We need to raise £3,000 as a contribution towards the 12 interactive storybooks to make up the story trail. Each character will have their own storybook where you will get to read all about them before seeing them spring to life in a real animation! You can meet some of the Goodwood Gang and watch an animation right now by clicking here. 
Based on an open book design, each storybook will be at child height and will appeal to everyone's imagination, young and grown-up! One page will feature a colourful image of the character, with the other page introducing them in written form along with a unique QR Code to watch their animation!
That’s not all, the Good Wood Gang are always on the lookout for new members to join in with their fun! So we really do hope that you can donate to this appeal and bring Boopi, Pecan, and the rest of the Goodwood Gang to life very soon!

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