HSO - Herts Schools Outreach (UK)


Who are HSO?

"We have positively impacted and supported over 1,200 children and young people to date"

Herts Schools Outreach (HSO) was founded by Michaela Johnson, in 2019. As someone who has personally experienced poor mental health and has since supported those with mental health and wellbeing needs, she saw a gap in what Schools are able to access for their pupils from an early help perspective. Michaela's passion and drive for early help, preventative and ongoing support for all children and young people has formed our ethos at Herts Schools Outreach (UK). With a team of driven and experienced professionals: those who have worked and rehabilitated Young Offenders, worked with families of children and young people with SEND and challenging behaviours, we are striving to provide the support that is becoming increasingly needed and instrumental to the success of our children and young people in their every day lives. 

What does HSO do?

We have professionals with extensive knowledge on the promotion of positive mental health and a good sense of wellbeing. As a team, we endeavour to provide positive opportunities for the children and young people we support to enable them to become successful and fully integrated members of their Schools and wider communities. 

How you can help?

HSO works to provide children and young people with person-centred support sessions that are tailored to their individual needs.  We work collaboratively with the children and young people and the adults involved. Your support and donation will mean that we are able to continue to reach as many children and young people as possible and provide them with tangible resources and accessible strategies that they can use throughout their lives to better their mental health and wellbeing and their long term outcomes.

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