• Our Getting Together goals align with the connected lives strategy as we prioritise: connecting people to other people and communities, networks, volunteering opportunities, technology and equipment. It is a strong tool in combating loneliness and allows people to stay independent and prevent or reduce unnecessary referrals to formal care services. Members come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, are ethnically diverse and have varying levels of physical and mental health. Our clubs help people develop social networks, be active, stay independent and stay in control.

  • Getting Together remains “person centred” in the following way. First, each activity and group is formed around the expressed wishes of a defined group of older people, and they take all the major decisions on how activities are developed. We ensure that all activities remain open and welcoming to everyone, operate within agreed resources, meet safeguarding needs, and otherwise comply with legal requirements

  • Clubs are run by members, with support from the W3RT Employee Host and volunteers.

  • Getting Together at Clubs is a way of making new friends and connecting with like minded people. We support and encourage you to stay active, meet new people and make new friends. You will learn new skills and share your own experiences through chatting, dancing, exercising, bingo, quizzes, board games, crafting and eating together. We also organise various interesting guest speakers to talk about topics that are relevant to you.

  • We offer regular weekly daytime clubs at various local, easy to reach, venues across Watford & Three Rivers. 

  • Carers are welcome to attend with the individual they support. Getting Together will provide regular opportunities for Carers to participate in joint activities and special events. This will allow Carers to attend and take time out from caring duties to focus on their own emotional health and well-being.