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Are you looking to connect with your local community by sharing your skills and local knowledge?  Neighbours Together are looking for people who want to help people regain their confidence and health by joining a local activity in their neighbourhood by being a “Community Champion”. 

What is a “Community Champion”? 

Neighbours Together is a local community lead project and the “Community Champions” are essential to its success. A “Community Champion” is anyone who wants to help others in their area get out more and feel less lonely. The commitment to the role is very dependent on personal circumstances and varies from person to person. 

It is not a formal volunteering role, it does not have set commitments and we are not asking people to find time to do this ‘role’, but to think about incorporating the ethos of combatting loneliness into their day to day business. 

We see Neighbours Together “Community Champions” being: 
  • Professionals like Link Workers, Community Navigators, GPs, Dentists, Pharmacists, Social workers, Parish Nurses, Community Health workers etc. 
  • Business owners like hairdressers, coffee shop owners, etc. 
  • Libraries, staff & volunteers. 
  • Local voluntary groups & organisations, staff & volunteers. 
  • Local & parish council members. 
  • Community leaders like faith leaders/groups, community activists, etc. 
  • Community centres & Community cafes. 
  • Good neighbours. 
  • Any Local residents 

They are mainly people with a friendly & enthusiastic manner, who enjoy interacting with people, a passion to be part of their local community and want to help combat loneliness. 

In summary Neighbours Together “Community Champions” are: 
  • People who want to help others in their community to feel less lonely and isolated and be part of their community. 

  • Someone who is looking to connect with their local community by sharing their skills and local knowledge. 

  • A “Community Champion” will help other local residents to regain their confidence and health by being more part of their community and maybe joining a local activity in their neighbourhood. 
The “Community Champions” will: 
  • CONNECT with their neighbours and local community

  • PROMOTE activities and inspire others to get involved and try something new 

  • ENABLE people to overcome barriers that may prevent them from being socially active 

  • DEVELOP new ideas to help combat loneliness 

Support provided for the role

There are many tools to help a “Community Champion”:

  • Community Champion” toolkit goes through the four main parts of being a Neighbours Together “Community Champion” and some tips.

  • What’s On guide (to help find and promote local clubs, groups, activities

  • Our Community Events page which highlights Community events in the local area.

  • There is also a private Facebook group for “Community Champions” which you can join here, where you can see details of events and other activities, also share what is happening in your local area.

  • You will also get regular newsletter updates on what is going on in the community, awareness and details on other volunteering opportunities.

What you get by being a “Community Champion
  • Connection to your local community
  • Fun and fulfilment to your life 

  • Make new friends within your local area 

  • Improve your life skills and advance your career 

  • Increase your self-confidence and sense of purpose 

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