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    After a successful career in business, Caroline founded A Slice of Happiness in 2017 when she was volunteering with those affected by Homelessness.

    Behind her mask, she had suffered a traumatised childhood filled with physical and mental abuse, leading to homelessness which affected her mental health. She used drugs and alcohol to numb the internal pain she was feeling but was committed to the belief that she was damaged goods. After many unsuccessful attempts with different approaches, Caroline came across the Three Principles and her life has transformed in ways that she never thought was possible. Caroline was so blown away that she has now given up her 28-year career so that she can be of service to those in the community who are suffering.

    Under A Slice of Happiness (a project of Watford & Three Rivers Trust), she has now completed several programmes working with more than 300 individuals who are Unemployed, or on Universal Credit, spoke at the 2019 London Homelessness Conference, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Three Principles Global Conference, and was invited to Buckingham Palace in recognition for her Charity work.

    Throughout COVID19, she has also established partnerships with Coventry University Research Centre and is endorsed by the NHS. You can learn more about Caroline by visiting her personal website at www.cpacademy.co.uk where her support is accessible for private Clients.

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    Liliana worked for many years in the field of complementary medicine helping her clients to regain and maintain their health in a natural and gentle way.

    Since 2015 Liliana’s professional life has been dedicated to teaching the understanding of The Three Principles.

    She has worked with all kinds of people, from prisoners to CEOs and housewives, as well as teenagers on the edge of crime and individuals affected by homelessness, addiction and mental health issues.

    She is co- funder and co-director of The Big Simple, a new social enterprise committed to helping young adults, especially care-leavers discovering their innate potential to create successful and happy lives.

    Liliana brings kindness and love to all her work, and the absolute certainty that beyond labels, circumstances and past events, everyone has everything within to experience life with peace of mind and contentment.

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    Susan works with people from a wide variety of sectors. She is the co founder and co director of a brand new social enterprise called The Big Simple (CIC) which aims to work with young disadvantaged adults, especially those exiting the care system, and show them what is possible when we understand how the mind works.

    She has spent the last 5 years working at Beyond Recovery (CIC), helping people in prison discover who they are and who they can be when they are not caught up in their usual thinking. For the last 5 years she has been on the faculty of the One Thought Foundation’s programme and has trained many practitioners working in the field today. She co-facilitates a programme called Relationship Ready where, after her own love life turned around so dramatically, she loves helping people to find and sustain loving relationships. She also works with private clients and has helped many people who have been struggling to find mental health.

    She loves what she does and is grateful for the freedom of mind she has discovered for herself and is passionate about sharing what has changed her life so much and made it easier.

  • Derrick Mason has been involved with the Principles since 2017, where it made a profound impact on his life whilst serving a prison sentence. He was impacted by the truth and simplicity within the Sydney Bank’s literature which enabled him to have a better understanding to be able to see the true potential within himself, which had only ever been limited by his own thinking..

    Derrick was released from prison in August 2018, and In November 2019 started working with Beyond Recovery, where he is now a Director. http://beyond-recovery.co.uk/  

  • Alan is an Innate Health coach, group facilitator and creative writer. He works with professionals helping them navigate their work and relationships with more finesse, highlighting state of mind as the most important variable in all interactions.

    He has worked in the UK prison system with young and hard to reach prisoners around addiction and violence, offering a fresh way to see the world and its inevitable challenges. He also works with HIV charities coaching long term diagnosed folk.

    He is a published author as part of a collaboration of writers on Stories from the Muses.


  • Sally - Sally had an extreme addiction to alcohol.  By 2014 it had taken everything from her and was destroying her life.  She’d lost her job as a scientist, her friends, family, self respect and had gained a criminal record for drink driving. She was near to death as her organs were failing and was developing Psychosis.  She had been to nine 12 step rehab facilities, which hadn’t worked then came across the Three Principles in 2015 and hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol since. She now says ‘My name is Sally and I’m not an alcoholic’

    Click here to listen to the podcast.

  • Jason is a Certified Psychotherapist and has been working with addictions and mental health for over 25 years in evolving ways. After his own recovery started 27 years ago using the 12 steps approach, he had been searching for something different, following the path to a degree in transactional analysis, a psychodynamic theory of how people work, he found he was still not happy.

    Four years ago in a chance encounter, Jason found the work of Michael Neill, and after 3 days in LA and an exploration into the 3 principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks with Michael, life changed unrecognisably. Jason has been teaching and sharing the 3 principles in his work with addictions ever since.

  • Emma is a mother, daughter, granddaughter, wife and friend-to-many.  As she wears all these hats, it is clear that she cares deeply for people.  Emma is an excellent listener, and her focus and passion is to help people grow and thrive by connecting with their own inner wisdom and natural sense of fun
  • Antony is a caring and thoughtful individual who has a huge passion for inspiring others to (their) greatness.  Through his coaching he acts as a way finder, pointing people to their wisdom, the ‘diamond’, within them. He is a skilled speaker and leadership mentor, as well as a wonderful friend, father of 3 boys and a husband.

  • Carola has a background of counselling, community mediation and volunteering at her local homeless center. She has a calm presence along with a passion for helping people and she understands the value of truly listening to someone as a way to help them uncover their natural wellbeing and resilience. She is a mother to three wonderful children and enjoys spending time with family and friends