A Slice of Happiness Conference

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Expect the Unexpected 

Throughout 2021, A Slice of Happiness (a project of W3RT) supported 246 vulnerable adults who are Unemployed or on Universal Credit in Hertfordshire, UK with their mental health using The Three Principles approach. 

Supported by the NHS and working in Partnership with Coventry University Research Centre, they have transformed lives of those who had hit rock bottom to help them see that they are innately healthy and explore an enriching life through a lens which is not their diagnosis, external factors, or dark emotions. 

Clinical depression, anxiety, Bipolar, ADHD, stress, borderline personality disorder, OCD and Schizophrenia are just a snapshot of the diagnoses which have been given to those they have helped and the demand for their free service is increasing so they need help with funding to be able to facilitate additional courses. 

25 International speakers in our field and many whose lives have been impacted have kindly offered to host an online event on 18th - 20th November 2022 so that we are able to offer a spectacular diversity of enlightening conversations to give you an insight as to how you too can experience life with clarity, a quiet mind, happiness, love….the gifts are endless. 

All profits will contribute to support those in home insecure communities who are vulnerable, unemployed, or on Universal Credit and not able to pay to access support. 

Speakers (Click the image to see the bio of the speaker)

Ami Chen Mills 

Caroline Powell

Catherine Casey

Judith Sedgeman

Derrick Mason

Dr Aaron Turner

Dr Dicken Bettinger

Dr George Pransky

Dr Jack Pransky

Dr Mark Howard

Dr William F. Pettit

Gabriela Maldonado Montano

Louise Scott

Jacqueline Hollows

Jason Shiers

Liliana Bellini

Linda Pransky

Mavis Karn

Natasha Swerdloff

Omar Wilson

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

Rob Cook

Susan Marmot

Marina Galan

Sally Wyse

Jeanne Catherine

Dr. Anita McGinty, Ph.D.,

Alan Milledge

Kelly Mabel - Host

Yael Abramson